Job Title/Employer Segments

Through Pontiac Intelligence you can leverage Bombora Audience Solutions to build custom audiences of users who work at specific companies or who have specific job titles/roles. For example, you can serve ads only to people who have the title “Marketing Manager”, or only people who work at Programmatic Mechanics.

Compile and send the list of Job Titles or Companies to your Account Manager, who will then push Companies (using their domain name, ie: or Job Titles to Bombora.  These segments will be available to target in Pontiac within 3 business days, and appear in the ‘Audiences’ tab under ‘Onboarded’. Bombora segments cost an additional flat CPM that varies depending on the segment. To set the bids, add the associated cost of your segment as seen in the ‘Audience’ tab to the recommended bid ranges for the campaign’s media type.