Contextual Keyword Segments

Oracle’s Grapeshot is a tool that can be used to build Audience segments to implement custom contextual targeting. Grapeshot creates groups of words and phrases known as “keyword segments”, that reflect a particular topic. The Grapeshot technology then crawls millions of webpages and indexes the text to determine the core meaning, understand the subject matter, and then categorize it appropriately. The understanding of the webpage text is then matched to the keyword segments and a score is provided to indicate the degree of match. For example, a keyword segment concerning “sports” would contain multiple words and phrases that would indicate that the page is about sports if they appear with enough weight on a page.

Through Pontiac you can leverage Grapeshot to build contextual lists of URLs which include keywords or 3-word phrases and serve ads only to those pages. This feature can also be used for Brand Safety purposes, by creating a keyword segment with a list of words or phrases that you would like to avoid or ‘anti-target’. This will block webpages that have been contextually associated with these words.

Compile and send your Keyword List to your Account Manager, who will then create the segment in Grapeshot.  The segment will be available to target in Pontiac after 3 business days, appear in the ‘Audiences’ tab under ‘Onboarded’. Grapeshot segments cost an additional flat CPM that varies depending on the segment. To set the bids, add the associated cost of your segment as seen in the ‘Audience’ tab to the recommended bid ranges for the campaign’s media type.