LiveRamp Segments

Through Pontiac’s partnership with LiveRamp, your CRM data can be converted into targetable Audience lists in the Pontiac platform. LiveRamp is a data management platform (DMP) that allows you to upload personally identifiable information (PII) that you have about your Audience and match this information with User IDs to create an Audience segment.

Audience data can include:

  • Name and postal addresses (NAP)
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Client Customer IDs (your internal Customer IDs)
    • This functions as an Audience key that allows LiveRamp to delete duplicates in an uploaded file. If there is no Customer ID, LiveRamp will use either the email addresses or NAPs provided.

To start targeting your CRM data, download the LiveRamp addendum here: LiveRamp Addendum. Sign the addendum and send it to your Account Manager. Include the email address and name that you would like to be used for the account as well as the name of your Audience.

You will then receive an email at the email address you provided with a link to create a password for your LiveRamp account. The email will be from LiveRamp

Upload a csv, tsv, or txt file containing PII into LiveRamp, which will match the submitted information with cookies and allow you to target these individuals across the internet through Pontiac. For instructions on how to upload files to LiveRamp see here: LiveRamp.

Once you have added a segment to distribution for Xandr, email your Account Manager to say that you have pushed a segment. Please provide your AM with the segment name, the date you pushed the segment, and the applicable Seat ID number.

Your Onboarded Audience will appear in the ‘Audiences’ tab under ‘On Boarded’. Associate the segment to the Advertiser where you would like to use it, and it will be made available to associate to any Line Item under this Advertiser. LiveRamp segments cost an additional flat CPM of $2. To set the bids, add $2 to the recommended bid ranges for the campaign’s media type.