Third Party Audiences

Third-Party Audiences allow highly specific targeting (or anti-targeting) contextually, by demographics, by behavioral characteristics and more. In the ‘Audiences’ tab under ‘Third Party’ you can search through the thousands of segments available by category, type, and provider. 

Most Third-Party Audiences have an additional CPM that will be included on top of the closing CPM cost of the media. The CPM for the Third-Party Audience can be seen in the right-most column of the list of Third-Party segments. When you associate Audiences to a Line Item, add the average cost of all associated segments to the Bid Data.

Once you have found a segment, click the ‘Associate’ button, and send it to the Advertiser this Audience will be used in. This Audience can then be associated to any Line Item under this Advertiser. These can be layered together with Boolean logic to target individual Audiences or a combination of many. To choose between targeting ‘Any’ or ‘All’ between groups, see the section on Boolean Logic here: Boolean Logic.

The following are types of Third-Party segments and examples of how they can be leveraged to enhance campaign performance: 

Contextual Segments

Target Audiences that are on websites looking at relevant content. For example, ‘Pets’ contextual advertising can be used to reach users who are currently consuming content related to pets, or ‘Women’s Fashion’ to serve to users browsing articles on that topic.

Behavioral Segments

Serve your ad to an Audience of users who have demonstrated their specific interests or lifestyles through their web activity by using behavioral segments. For example, to reach users who have been looking for jobs in entertainment, users in the market for school supplies, or users who use teeth-whitening strips.

Demographic Segments

Target Audiences based on demographic factors such as gender and age group. Reduce the risk of running campaigns to uninterested consumers by controlling basic variables, for example, generation, income, and family structure.

Brand Safety & Viewability Segments

Preserve and protect your brand’s integrity by placing your ads on inventory free from potentially hazardous or sensitive content such as drugs, alcohol, firearms, war etc. or utilize industry specific segments to avoid negative industry related content. Draw more attention to your ad by using quality and viewability segments to target pages with high viewability and minimal clutter.

Language Segments

Serve your ad to an Audience of users who are looking at content in a specific language using over 50 different language segments, from Spanish to Macedonian to Thai. 

Weather Segments

Serve your ad to an Audience of users based on the weather conditions that they are experiencing in their current location. For example, a sunscreen brand can serve ads to people in “Very Sunny” conditions, or a nasal spray can serve to people in “Allergy Weather.”