Posting Pixels

Pixels are used for tracking success as well as building an audience. The code to fire pixels has to be placed directly on your page. The segment pixel will go on your landing page and the conversion pixel will go on your checkout page (or whatever page is used to track the success of your campaign).

When creating pixels there are 2 steps. They first have to be made via a post request. Once that happens there is a delay until the “exchangeId” is assigned to the pixel. Because of this you must submit a get request later to retrieve the exchangeId to actually place the pixels.


Posting a Conversion Pixel


curl -X POST -H ‘auth:eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzZWF0SWQiOjEwMDAsInVzZXJJZCI6NCwiZXhwaXJlcyI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMjUgMDI6Mjc6MTYifQ.JpVp62T-VEbuxquTXHXaKqhrqEIef1Hq3PpaRgExzrg’ -d ‘{




}’ ‘’



{“timestamp”:”Mon Aug 24 19:56:19 UTC 2020″,”response”:{“ConversionPixel”:{“pontiacPixelId”:980,”seatId”:1000,”name”:”testConversionPixel”,”pontiacAdvertiserId”:1713,”triggerType”:”hybrid”,”status”:1,”orderIdMacro”:0,”valueMacro”:0,”postViewExpireDays”:30,”postClickExpireDays”:30,”minMinutesPerConv”:10}},”accountStatus”:1,”seatId”:1000}


From this we will need the pontiacPixelId. We will pass this in when making the Line, in this example it is 980.


Posting a Segment Pixel


curl -X POST -H ‘auth: eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzZWF0SWQiOjEwMDAsInVzZXJJZCI6NCwiZXhwaXJlcyI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMjYgMDE6Mzk6MDkifQ.W475vyhEafa9TN94OaLkUEHWF7YkI6t-tJbKBIYqN6A’ -d ‘{



}’ ‘’



{“timestamp”:”Tue Aug 25 17:39:44 UTC 2020″,”response”:{“SegmentPixel”:{“pontiacSegmentId”:22672,”seatId”:1000,”name”:”testSegmemtPixel”,”pontiacAdvertiserId”:1713,”cost”:0.0,”segmentPixelType”:”firstParty”}},”accountStatus”:1,”seatId”:1000}


From this we will need the pontiacSegmentId. We will pass this in when making the Line, in this example it is 22672.