Getting Started with Pontiac API

If you would like to use our API for your campaigns, email your Account Manager. Access is approved on a case by case basis. If your account is granted API access you will receive a username and temporary password to login to the Pontiac sandbox environment.

You can use the sandbox just like the regular production environment without the risk of spending any money. You can also login to the sandbox as if it were our normal ui to make sure that your calls are going through correctly.

General documentation for end points and object structure is available here:

The front end for the sandbox can be found here:

All examples are given using curl. Curl or cURL stands for client URL and is a simple tool built into unix systems that allows users to make network requests from their command line. If you are running windows you have to install a tool like Cygwin or enable unix commands in your command line. There is also an online tool that can be found in the link below that will allow you to make curl commands from the internet. Although the last option is the most convenient it is the least secure.


Tutorial for setting up unix commands for windows

Online curl tool



Example Code


The full implementation of the steps to set up a campaign, written in Python can be found here: pythonPontiacTutorial.

Make sure that you set your credentials and start and end date in the file before running it. will be the entry point.

To install the latest version of python and for more help on getting started with Python: