LiveRamp Terminology

  • File: A set or list of PII uploaded to LiveRamp as a CSV, TSV or TXT file. Each file uploaded will be converted into an Onboarded audience in Pontiac.
  • Audience: In the LiveRamp dashboard, an ‘Audience’ is a folder to which files with the same type of PII and column headers can be uploaded. Your first Audience folder will be created for you when the account is created. The folder will be ‘mapped’ based on the column headers of the first file uploaded. All subsequent files uploaded to an Audience will need to contain the same column headers. Notify your Account Manager if you need a new Audience folder created for a different type of data.
  • Mapping: This process is done manually by the LiveRamp team to determine which PII identifiers are in each column of the file, allowing the data to be properly ingested.
  • Matching: The process of matching personally identifiable information (PII) to the cookies for that individual, allowing them to be targeted on the open web.
  • Distribution: The publishing process through which data is delivered to Xandr and subsequently made available for targeting in Pontiac.
  • Records: The number of unique individuals in a file. There is a maximum of 300,000 distributed records per LiveRamp account at any given time.