OOH Creative Audit

There are two steps to the Creative Audit process, the Pontiac internal audit and the publisher audit. The Pontiac audit takes 24 hours from the Creative being uploaded and individual publisher audits can take anywhere from 24 hours to 14 days.

Sensitive Categories

Advertisements which exhibit any of the following properties are allowed on the platform but restricted to publishers who have approved this type of content. These creatives will display an ‘Approved’ status in Pontiac, but full approval will be subject to publisher discretion.

  • CBD or Hemp (No pictures of flower, hemp/marijuana leaves, or the words ‘Get High’)
  • Adult Store (must lead to a landing page without nudity or toys)
  • Paraphernalia, Pharmaceuticals and Supplements
  • Politics
  • Social Issues / makes claims
  • Weight Loss
  • Sexual Health
  • Affiliate Offers
  • Consumer Loans
  • Tobacco and Smoking Products
  • Online Games
  • Gambling & Online Gambling – See ‘Gambling Advertising’ below
  • Firearms and Weapons (Sporting Goods stores, education, accessories)
  • Tabloid / Advertorial (cannot infringe on copyrights)
  • Underwear / Lingerie
  • Strip Club / Gentlemen’s Club
  • Dating

Prohibited Categories

Ads that fall in to any of the following categories will be rejected in the Pontiac Intelligence audit process and will not be sent to audit for any publishers.

  • Broken Ads or blank Creative
  • Creative brand does not match ‘Brand’ entered
  • Pornography, Nudity, Obscenities, or other ‘Adult’ Content
  • Hate Speech or Defamatory Language
  • Sale of, or instructions for creating, guns, bombs, ammunition, or weapons
  • Displaying fake errors to induce user action, or messaging that implies knowledge of a user’s computer or operating system
  • Discussing or promoting sale of federally illegal drugs, illegal pharmaceuticals, and other schedule 1 drugs.
  • Charging for government forms and services
  • Enabling or Permitting Piracy
  • Misappropriation of Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, or Patent
  • Inappropriate content (at our discretion)
  • Misleading or sensationalized messaging, content or images
  • Non-compliance with restricted advertising category guidelines (dating, pharmaceuticals, weight loss, health and beauty, etc.)