Audience Insight Reports

Insight reports are available for all audience types and provide demographic information about the users in the audience.​ Reports include data on Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Income Level, Social Matrix and much more.  

Social Matrix is a consumer marketing segmentation utilized by Semcasting that houses 26 clusters designed using life stage and affluence. Sample Social Matrixes include:​ 

  • Time Cards & Happy Hour:18-25 year olds working hourly rate jobs, with a lifestyle that is more focused on personal entertainment than building a substantive career​ 
  • Comfortable Independents: 52-64 year olds living comfortably. Considered above average in affluence but do not spend on extravagant item​ 
  • Early Bird Specials: 74+ year olds with modest needs and resources, looking for the next best deal​ 

See the explanation of each social matrix here: (this will like out to social matrix explanation from Semcasting) 

These reports can be downloaded by clicking the ‘Study Options’ symbol next to the name of the Audience in the dashboard and then choosing ‘Download Report’.