Publishing Semcasting Audiences to Pontiac

  1. Before publishing a segment, please ensure that ‘Semcasting’ and your seat or company name are in the name of the segment. 
  2. When the Audience appears in the ‘Available’ tab of the Audience Dashboard it is ready to be published to Xandr. Click on the name of the Audience, and scroll down to the Xandr tile. 
  3. Click ‘Activate’ on the Xandr tile 
  4. Enter the campaign date range 
  5. Member ID: 3344 
  6. Once the Xandr logo appears under ‘Platform’ in the Audience Dashboard, email your Account Manager with the name of the segment and request that this audience be published to your Pontiac account 
  7. This audience will then appear under ‘Onboarded’ in the Audiences tab and can be associated with the Advertiser where you wish to use it.