First-Party Onboarded Audiences

First-Party onboarded audiences allow you to upload CRM data or other First-Party data and to create an anonymously targetable audience in Pontiac. These audiences have an additional cost of $0.97 CPM.  

  1. Login to the Semcasting portal and navigate to the ‘Onboarding’ tab 
  2. Select the File containing your First-Party data from your Computer  
  3. 2GB file max – csv, tsv, txt, and log 
  4. Accepted fields:
  5. Map the columns in your file by selecting the type of data from the drop-down menu 
  6. Select whether the audience is targeting ‘Businesses’ or ‘Consumers’ 
  7. Give the segment a name, audience names must be 3-64 characters and only contain letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores 
  8. Check the box if you would like to generate an Insight Report. Insight Reports will provide demographic information about the users in the audience. To download the report, wait for the audience to generate, then under the ‘Audiences Dashboard’, click on the gear symbol next to the audience name and select ‘Download Report’.  
  9. Once you submit the audience, it will appear in the ‘In Progress’ tab of the Audience Dashboard while it is in the matching process. 
  10. Follow the steps in ‘Publishing Semcasting Audiences to Pontiac’ to make this Audience available in Pontiac.