Semcasting Custom Audiences

Overview: Semcasting combines online and offline data to improve display advertising efforts through IP targeting. Semcasting allows Pontiac users to create and target custom audience segments by onboarding First-Party data or utilizing Third-Party data sets. Semcasting does not focus on cookies, but instead privacy-compliant IP Address triangulation. Semcasting data sets, data analytics, onboarding tools, and audience analysis tools work effectively across devices and provides us the ability to measure reach and frequency by household across all channels.

Data Capabilities: 

  • Onboarded CRM Audiences – First Party onboarded audiences allow you to upload CRM data or other first-party data to create an anonymously targetable audience in Pontiac.  
  • Audience Designer 3rd Party Data – Third Party audiences allow you to target audiences or geo-frames with a cookie-free identity graph. Semcasting 3P data includes HCP, D2C, B2B, Shopper, Political, Demographics, and Life Stage segments. Semcasting uses a consumer marketing segmentation, called Social Matrix, that houses 26 clusters designed using life stage and affluence. 
  • Lookalike Audiences – A Lookalike segment can be created from any existing segment in Semcasting, this includes both 1st Party Data and Third-Party Audiences. Build a lookalike of an existing segment and find new targets in a different State, City or Zip Code. 
  • Audience Insight Reports – Insight reports will provide demographic information about the users in the audience. 

Use Cases: Semcasting can be used to turn your CRM data into targetable audience lists in the Pontiac platform to reach users across the open web without using cookies. Semcasting can be used to expand reach with lookalike modeling or leverage more granular targeting with the ability to hone on specific subsets of existing data using their Third-Party Filters. Audience Designer dashboard creates custom Third-Party Audiences using demographic, behavioral and contextual data from various providers. Semcasting can be used across all industries, with specific benefits for… 

  • Automotive, Financial, Telecom & Energy, and Travel & Entertainment – onboarding with scale and accuracy, identifying high lifetime value customers, qualified lead generation, attribution,  
  • B2B – actionable B2B audiences, reaching business owners and decision makers at home with Smart Zones IP Targeting 
  • Pharma, Healthcare & Insurance –  privacy compliant unique healthcare data, Prescription Drug Distribution Data 
  • Political & Advocacy – onboard target voter list, cross device voters with Smart Zones IP Targeting 

KPI: Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) 

Media Type: Display, Native, Audio, Video, CTV 

Placement: Web, Mobile-Web, In-app & CTV 

Bid Structure: Semcasting First-Party Data segments cost an additional flat CPM of $0.75. To set the bids, add $0.75 to the recommended bid ranges for the campaign’s media type. Third-Party Data segments range from $0.50-$1.75 depending on the data chosen.  

Audience Data Targeting: Additional First and Third-Party data segments are available for targeting but can limit the campaign’s ability to serve.  If Third-Party Audiences are added, increase bids by the average cost of all associated segments. 

Specs:  Align with the campaign’s media type. 



To create custom audience segments, you will need to sign the Semcasting user agreement. This agreement can be found in the ‘Admin’ tab under ‘Seat Settings’ in the ‘Addendum’ section. To sign this agreement, check the ‘Accept Semcasting Addendum’ box at the bottom of the contract and click ‘Submit’.  

Once you have completed these steps, email your Account Manager with the email address you would like to use for the account. Your Account Manager will create an account on your behalf using the email address provided. You will then receive an email from Semcasting with login credentials. 

Once you upload a file to Semcasting and the audience is published to your Pontiac Intelligence seat, it will be available in the ‘Audience’ tab under ‘Onboarded’. Associate the segment to the Advertiser where you would like to use it, then associate it to a Line Item. In the ‘Audiences’ section of the Line Item creation screen, select ‘Associate Segments’ and choose the audience from the ‘Onboarded’ dropdown. 

See additional information about Semcasting here: Semcasting Tutorial