UTM Code Variables

To create the click URL you will need to assign a unique variable to each parameter. These variables will appear in Google Analytics reports for all users that arrived on your website by clicking on this URL . Variables can contain numbers, letters, hyphens, ‘+’ signs and periods.

  1. Traffic Source
    Example: &utm_source=PONTIAC
    If you are running simultaneous advertising efforts across various platforms, this parameter will allow you to distinguish which traffic arrived through Pontiac vs. Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  2. Medium
    Example: &utm_medium=display
    When running a report by medium, compare performance between organic, paid, search, etc or by media type ie. banner, video, native.
  3. Campaign Name
    Example: &utm_campaign=NameofLineItem
    If you are running more than one Line Item in Pontiac, this will allow you to differentiate which campaign is driving the traffic. For example, &utm_campaign=Remarketing and &utm_campaign=Prospecting
  4. Content
    Example: &utm_content=Creative1-300×600
    The content variable can be used to differentiate between different creatives, creative sizes, or creative types.