LiveRamp Onboarded Audiences

Overview: Leverage Pontiac Intelligence’s LiveRamp relationship to target a list of email addresses, phone numbers, or names and postal addresses.  This information is loaded into the LiveRamp platform and added to your seat as a targetable audience segment.

Use Cases: LiveRamp is used to turn your CRM data into targetable audience lists in the Pontiac platform to digitally reach users from previous email lists and/or mailing campaigns on the open web. 

Case Study: Direct Mail Open-Rate Enhancement- Software Company Gets the Most out of Existing CRM Email Lists

KPI: Click Through Rate (CTR)

Media Type: Display, Native, Audio, Video, Open Exchange CTV

Placement: LiveRamp audiences target cookies and can run across any environment, except for CTV PMPs.  These can be combined with other targeting options, but as an already highly targeted list of users it should not require additional targeting parameters.

Bid Structure: LiveRamp segments cost an additional flat CPM of $2. To set the bids, add $2 to the recommended bid ranges for the campaign’s media type. 

Audience Data Targeting: First and Third-Party data segments are available for targeting but can limit the campaign’s ability to serve and is not recommended.

Specs:  Align with the campaign’s media type.


If you are interested in LiveRamp to start targeting your CRM data, download the LiveRamp addendum here: LiveRamp Addendum. Sign the addendum and send it to your Account Manager requesting a LiveRamp login. 

Once the LiveRamp audience is set up and pushed to your Pontiac Intelligence seat, it will be available in the ‘Audience’ tab under ‘Onboarded’. Associate the segment to the Advertiser where you would like to use it, then associate it to a Line Item. In the ‘Audiences’ section of the Line Item creation screen, select ‘Associate Segments’ and choose the audience from the ‘Onboarded’ dropdown.

See additional information about LiveRamp here: LiveRamp.