Lat Long Targeting

Overview: Lat/Long Targeting allows you to target Lat/Long coordinates and serve ads inside of a small surrounding area.  The surrounding area is defined by the Google Plus Codes grid, and only has two pre-determined sizes, stated as a Radius (where Radius is defined from the center of the rectangle to the corner). Options include a Radius of approximately 150 meters or 2251 meters, and may vary slightly depending on the location of the coordinates. 

To find the Google Plus Code and see the surrounding target area for a set of lat, long coordinates see here: Lat/Long Audience.

For more information on Google Plus Codes:

Use Cases: Using data provided by the mobile device carrier, Pontiac can pinpoint the location of a user to serve them ads when they are in the designated area. By targeting a tight geographic area, these campaigns achieve high CTRs. You can target up to 200,000 unique coordinates per Lat/Long Audience.

KPI: Click Through Rate (CTR)

Media Type: Mobile Display, Mobile Native, Mobile Video, Mobile Audio (Mobile Only)

Placement: These ads will serve on mobile devices through the web browser or in-app, when the device is inside of the specified geographic zone.

Bid Structure: This targeting tool follows the bid ranges for the campaign’s media type. Targeting tools limit the size of your potential audience and can restrict campaign delivery. Slightly increasing the bids for these campaigns will win more impressions. The tighter the geographic area being targeted, the more you should increase the bids.

Audience Data Targeting: First and Third-Party Data segments are available for targeting but can limit the campaign’s ability to serve when added to geographic restrictions. If Third-Party Audiences are added, increase bids by the average cost of all associated segments.

Specs:  Align with the campaign’s media type.



To set up a campaign, you must first create the Audience with Lat/Long coordinates, and the surrounding area in square meters.  Go to the ‘Audience’ tab and select ‘New Custom Audience’. Then select ‘Lat Long’ from the dropdown menu.  Enter each set of coordinates on an individual line in the following format:

Line format: [Latitude],[Longitude],[Radius] (Radius can be either 150 or 2251)
Example: 123.414,-123.424,150

The Radius is predetermined by Google Plus Codes with defaults of approximately 150 meters or 2251 meters. Entering a Radius other than 150 or 2251 will not create a custom Radius or area, you will still be targeting a Radius of either 150 or 2251.

The size of the target area will vary slightly depending on the location of the coordinates.

Once saved, this Audience can be associated to any Line Item in the seat. Custom Audiences are associated to the campaign in the ‘Audiences’ section of the Line Item creation screen. Select ‘Associate Segments’ and choose the audience from the ‘Custom Audiences’ dropdown.

*Note: Approximately 30% of impressions received contain location data that you can target with lat/long segments.