Connected Television (CTV)

Overview: Connected Television is a premium placement that sees Video Completion Rates over 90%. Reporting and attribution for CTV ads is limited to tracking video view duration (% of the video seen by the user) and the app the video was displayed in. Additional impact can be estimated by examining changes in site traffic before, during and after the campaign.

Use Cases: CTV ads are best for driving brand awareness. By serving non-skippable, premium video ads, users are more likely to view the ad in its entirety.

Case Study: Audience Targeted CTV & OTT- Mattress Company Drives Awareness for Holiday Promotion

KPI: Video Completion Rate (VCR)

Media Type: Video

Placement: CTV ads run as video placements in either the pre-roll or mid-roll settings.  These placements are non-skippable, and run across Smart TV’s, game consoles, tablets and more.

Bid Structure: CTV campaigns can run through a Private Marketplace deal (PMP) or through the Open Exchange.  PMP rates are negotiated with Publishers and provide a CPM floor. CTV placements on the Open Exchange may sell at a lower CPM, but we recommend using PMP’s as they guarantee fraud-free inventory.  The typical prices for CTV placements range from $28-40, with premium inventory available at prices over $40.

Audience Data Targeting: Use Audience data specifically designed for CTV ads by Tru-Optik and AT&T. Targeting these data segments could restrict delivery because it will limit the size of your audience. Increase bids by the average cost of all associated segments.




To use a PMP, you must first request the list of available PMP’s from your Account Manager. Your AM will then add the requested Deal to your seat.  

Configure your Line Item with the following considerations:

Creative Type: Select ‘CTV’

Bid Data: 

  1. Open Exchange: A maximum bid of at least $20.  For additional bid recommendations, ask your Account Manager.
  2. PMP:  Typically, PMPs have a CPM price floor that is set by the publisher and this should be your ‘Base Bid’. We recommend setting the ‘Max Bid’ at least $3-$5 above the ‘Base Bid’.


  1. Open Exchange:
    1. Inventory: ‘CTV’
    2. Video: Select player size and playback options.
  2. PMP
    1. Exchanges: Remove all exchanges.
    2. Deals: Select the PMP’s that you wish to target.
    3. Inventory: ‘CTV’
    4. Video: Select player size and playback options.