Overview: Audio campaigns allow you to serve 15, 30, or 60 second audio advertisements across a variety of audio streaming services.  These include the Spotify exchange (or Spotify PMP), and the Triton Digital and Adswizz exchanges.  Audio delivers a high engagement rate with CTRs between 0.7% -0.9% and over 1% when combined with remarketing.  

Use Cases: Audio ads are effective for creating brand awareness and driving traffic to sites.  The non-skippable placements command attention, driving high visibility and brand awareness. The passive nature of the ads’ display allows for the user to listen and engage without breaking from their typical habits.

KPI: Reach, Click Through Rate (CTR)

Media Type: Audio, Audio with Companion Banner

Placement: Audio ads will serve across radio station channels, Spotify, and websites with audio advertising.

Bid Structure: Audio can be bought either through the Open Exchange, or via PMPs.  Bids on the Open Exchange typically clear between $10 and $13, whereas PMP Deals are often in the $18 – $25 range.

Audience Data Targeting: First and Third-Party Data segments are available but can limit the campaign’s ability to serve.  If Third-Party Audiences are added, increase bids by the average cost of all associated segments.


Open Exchange Audio:

Spotify Audio File:

Spotify Image File Companion Banner:



To use a PMP, you must first request the list of available PMPs from your Account Manager. Your AM will then add the requested Deal to your seat.  

Configure the Line Item with the following considerations:

Creative Type: Select ‘Audio’

Bid Pricing:

  1. Spotify PMP: Set bid to a minimum of $15
  2. Open Exchange: Set to a minimum of $13

Targeting: Select from either one or both options to serve through

  1. Spotify PMP
    • Exchanges: Remove all exchanges
    • Deals: Select ‘US_Pontiac_Xandr_Audio Everywhere_ROS
  2. Open Exchanges:
    • Select: ‘Spotify AB’, ‘Spotify’, ‘Triton Digital’, and/or ‘AdsWizz’

Frequency Caps: Set Daily and Lifetime Frequency caps to 0 and do not apply Dynamic Frequency. Setting Frequency caps or applying dynamic frequency may prevent the Line from serving.

Pixels: Do not associate any conversion pixels or remarketing pixels to Audio Lines, these may prevent the Line from serving.