Enable Foot Traffic Reporting

Foot Traffic Attribution is a type of Conversion reporting powered by Onspot, that allows advertisers to track how many users were served an ad unit through Pontiac and then visited a commercial location. When this box is checked the campaign will receive Foot Traffic Attribution Reports. These reports will generate daily in the Reporting tab. Once selected, the Foot Traffic Attribution section will become available to add the addresses that you would like to track. These addresses must be commercial addresses and will be validated by Google Maps. If the validation status appears as ‘Invalid’, you will not be able to receive reporting for this location. 

Foot Traffic Attribution is only available in the United States at this time. The cost for Foot Traffic Attribution is as follows:

  • $1.50 CPM for Banner, Native, Audio & Video creatives
  • $4.00 CPM for CTV creatives

For campaigns receiving Foot Traffic reports, we recommend adding the associated CPM to the bid recommendations for the media type of the campaign.

See additional information on Foot Traffic Attribution here: Foot Traffic Attribution