Foot Traffic Attribution

Overview: Foot Traffic Attribution provides the capability to register conversions beyond the digital sphere. A powerful tool to track users that are served your ads and attribute their subsequent visit to a physical location to your campaign. Seamlessly integrated into the Pontiac platform, Foot Traffic is available as a key performance metric at your fingertips.

Use CasesGreat for users who want to drive customers to convert in a physical location. This is especially useful when online conversions are unlikely, for instance with a car dealership.

KPI: Foot Traffic Attribution

Media Type: Display, Native, Audio, Video, CTV

Placement: This is a reporting feature available for all inventory types, addresses in the United States only.

Bid Structure: Mobile In-App inventory bid pricing varies widely, on average between $1.20 and $11, depending on the quality of the inventory.  The price to receive Foot Traffic Studies is $1.50 CPM, which must be added on top of the bid pricing for the media type.

Audience Data Targeting: First and Third-Party data segments are available for targeting but can limit the campaign’s ability to serve.  If Third-Party Audiences are added, increase bids by the average cost of all associated segments.

Specs:  Align with the campaign’s media type.

  1. Create a Line Item and check the ‘Enable Foot Traffic’ box
  2. Enter the commercial addresses that you would like to monitor
  3. In the Reporting tab reports will generate indicating the number of visitors that were served your ad and subsequently came within a 165-meter radius of the address that you are tracking. Frequency of reports will depend on inventory type for the Line.

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