Foot Traffic Attribution

Overview: Foot Traffic Attribution provides the capability to register conversions beyond the digital sphere. A powerful tool to track users that are served your ads and attribute their subsequent visit to a physical location to your campaign. Seamlessly integrated into the Pontiac platform, daily reports enable Foot Traffic as a key performance metric at your fingertips.

Use CasesGreat for users who want to drive users to convert in a physical location. This is especially useful when online conversions are unlikely, for instance with a car dealership.

KPI: Foot Traffic Attribution

Media Type: Mobile In-App

Placement: Mobile In-App Only

Bid Structure: Mobile In-App inventory bid pricing varies widely, on average between $1.20 and $11, depending on the quality of the inventory.  The price to receive Foot Traffic Studies is $1.50 CPM, which must be added on top of the bid pricing for the media type.

Audience Data Targeting: First and Third-Party data segments are available for targeting but can limit the campaign’s ability to serve.  If Third-Party Audiences are added, increase bids by the average cost of all associated segments.

Specs:  Align with the campaign’s media type.

  1. Create a Line Item and select Mobile In-App as the Inventory type
  2. Check the ‘Enable Foot Traffic’ box and enter the commercial addresses that you would like to monitor
  3. In the Reporting tab a daily report will generate indicating the number of visitors that were served your ad and subsequently came within a 165-meter radius of the address that you are tracking

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