Creative Upload

To upload a Creative, go to the Advertisers tab and click on the name of the Advertiser under which you would like to upload the Creative. Select ‘New Creative’ and select the type of Creative that you will be uploading. A preview of the Creative should appear in the green ‘Preview’ box. Ensure that the Creative does not extend outside this preview box. Complete all relevant fields, then click ‘Save’.

If you would like to associate a Third-Party Pixel to a Creative, switch to the ‘Third-Party Pixels’ tab and click the green plus next to the pixel. This pixel must be added under ‘Third Party Pixels’ in the Advertiser settings before the Creative upload. See more information on Third Party Pixels here: Third-Party Pixels (Trackers).  If you are uploading a Video or Audio Creative this tab will be called ‘Trackers’ and the pixel can be added at the time of the Creative upload.

Remarketing Pixels can also be added to the Creative in the ‘Segments’ tab at the time of Creative upload. Click the green plus next to the name of the pixel to associate it to the Creative. This will add any user that is served your Creative into this Remarketing segment. This pixel must be created in the Advertiser settings before the Creative upload. See Remarketing Pixels for more information here: Segment Pixels (Remarketing).