Filter Status

Use the ‘Filter Status’ dropdown to see your Advertisers that are currently ‘Active’ or to switch to see Advertisers that are ‘Inactive’. If you are not seeing an Advertiser that you are looking for, try switching the Filter Status to ‘Inactive’. If the Advertiser appears with a red box as opposed to a green check, click on the name of the Advertiser to open the Advertiser menu. Select ‘Edit’ and check the ‘Active’ box. This Advertiser should now appear in your ‘Advertiser’ tab when the ‘Filter Status’ is set to ‘Active’, displaying the green Active box.

If all of your Advertisers appear under ‘Inactive’, switch to the ‘Admin’ tab and verify that your account has a positive balance. If funding becomes low in your account, your seat has been deactivated and all Advertisers will appear ‘Inactive’. The platform pauses the campaigns on the account until either a budget is added that is more than the daily spend or the daily spend is lowered so it is less than the budget in your account. To reactivate your Advertisers, either add funds to your account or adjust the Lines to spend less.