Foot Traffic Attribution

Foot Traffic Attribution is a type of Conversion reporting powered by Onspot, that allows advertisers to track how many users were served an ad unit through Pontiac and then visited a commercial location. Utilizing Mobile Advertising IDs and the GPS systems of these mobile devices, OnSpot registers the users who were served your ad and their mobile device subsequently come within a 165 meter radius of the commercial location that you are tracking.

When ads are served across CTV and Web inventory, a household extension that utilizes the IP addresses is used to connect the TVs, Desktops, Laptops etc., with the mobile devices from the same household. The GPS systems of mobile devices from that household will then be used to register users from a household that saw your ad, then subsequently come within a 165 meter radius of the commercial location that you are tracking.

The cost for Foot Traffic Attribution is $1.50 CPM. For campaigns receiving Foot Traffic reports, we recommend adding the $1.50 CPM to the bid recommendations for the media type of the campaign. 

Setting up Foot Traffic Attribution
       Bulk Address Upload
       Editing & De-activating Locations
Foot Traffic Line Item Metrics
Foot Traffic Attribution Studies

Setting up Foot Traffic Attribution

In the Pontiac platform you can opt to receive Foot Traffic Attribution reporting when setting up a Line Item. Check the ‘Enable Foot Traffic’ box and in the ‘

In the Foot Traffic Reporting section of the Line, enter the addresses that you would like to monitor for Foot Traffic Conversions. These addresses must be commercial addresses and will be validated by Google Maps. If the validation status appears as ‘Invalid’, you will not be able to receive reporting for this location. 

Foot Traffic Attribution is only available in the United States at this time. The cost for Foot Traffic Attribution is $1.50 CPM. For campaigns receiving Foot Traffic reports, we recommend adding the $1.50 CPM to the bid recommendations for the media type of the campaign.


Bulk Address Upload

To Bulk upload addresses you will need to create a CSV file. The addresses must be entered in the following format with no column headers:

Location Name, Building Number, Street Address, City, State, Postal Code, Active Status

If you would like the location to be Active the ‘Active Status’ column should have a 1. If you would like the location to be Inactive the ‘Active Status’ should have a 0.

In this example shown below, all of the addresses will be active except ‘The Shops NYC’. 

Save the file as a CSV with no column headers and upload it by clicking the ‘Bulk Upload’ button under ‘Foot Traffic Reporting’. Double check before submitting the Line Item that all of the addresses look correct.  

Editing & De-activating Locations

Foot Traffic Addresses cannot be edited once the Line Item has been submitted. If you need to change the details of the address you will need to deactivate the address and enter the new address as a separate entry.

To deactivate a location previously entered for Foot Traffic Reporting, open the Line Item and expand the ‘Foot Traffic Reporting’ section to view the entered addresses. The ‘Location Name’ should appear as a hyperlink. Click on the Location Name to open the Location Settings window and un-check the ‘Active’ box, then click ‘Save’ and ‘Submit Changes’ to the Line Item.

Foot Traffic Line Item Metrics

At the Line Item level the Foot Traffic reporting section will display two metrics, ‘Conversions’ and ‘Daily Visits’.

Conversions are the number of attributed Visitors, users who were served an ad from this campaign and subsequently visited this location during the selected reporting interval.

Daily Visits will display the average number of total visitors recorded at this location per day within selected reporting interval. This is used to indicate if the address entered is correct and tracking visitors and will be displayed as a range. In the above example this metric indicates that in the last 30 days there were on average 50-500 visitors at this location each day. If 0 visitors are seen at this location, there may be an issue with tracking devices at this address. Contact your Account Manager for more information or for assistance with locations displaying 0 visitors.


Foot Traffic Attribution Studies

Foot Traffic Attribution Reports can be found in the Reporting tab in the ‘Foot Traffic Studies’ section. Foot Traffic Reports will generate daily for the flight dates of the campaign and for 30 days after the campaign ends. The default attribution window is the Lifetime of the campaign or the last 30 days, whichever is shorter. This attribution window can be changed in the Line Item set-up to 30, 60 or 90 days. The visitor count displayed in these reports is ‘unique’ visitors. Multiple visits by the same Device ID will only be registered once on a given day, but may be registered if they return on a different day. 

Reports will contain the following information:

  • Date
  • Line ID
  • Line Name
  • Location ID
  • Location Name
  • Visitors Count

A ‘visitor’ is counted as any mobile device that was served the ad and then the device was subsequently seen within a 165 meter radius of the commercial address you are tracking. For CTV and Web inventory this ‘visitor’ is a mobile device associated to a household of the device the ad was served on (ie. TV, Desktop etc). This ‘visitor’ count relies on mobile GPS tracking and is limited to the accuracy and precision of the device’s location services. It is possible that a visitor could be counted by walking by or driving by the location.