Bid Recommendations by Media Type

Bid pricing typically varies based on the media type and the level of targeting. If you are limiting geographic parameters or targeting Audience segments, bids should be higher than these standard recommendations. 


Audio can be bought either through the Open Exchange, or via PMPs.  Bids on the Open Exchange typically clear between $10 and $13, whereas PMP Deals are often in the $18 – $25 range. Each PMP will have specific bid recommendations.


The typical prices for CTV placements range from $28-40, with premium inventory available at prices over $40. If you are targeting a CTV deal you will be given the CPM floor. We recommend setting this floor as you ‘Min Bid’ with your ‘Base Bid’ &  ‘Max Bid’ at least $3-$5 above the min. CTV placements on the Open Exchange may sell at a lower CPM, but we recommend using PMP’s as they guarantee fraud-free inventory.  


Display Bid Prices vary with targeting and Audience data. The standard recommendations are a ‘Base Bid’ of $2.43 and a ‘Max Bid’ of $4.11.


Native Bid Prices vary depending on the quality of the sites and inventory, but guidelines are as follows:

  • Format A: Avg. bid between $5.35 and $6.45
  • Format B: Avg. Bid between $1.20 and $2.30
  • Format C: Avg. Bid between $1.20 and $2.30
  • Format D: Native placements usually close at a higher CPM.  We recommend setting your ‘Base Bid’ around $7.25 and ‘Max Bid’ at $12.75.

Bids vary for video inventory, but we recommend a bid structure of at least an $8 base bid.