Zip Codes

Target zip codes in the United States, or other nations through their regional postal code system. By targeting a set of zip codes, a client’s ads will only serve in relevant areas. You can use as few zip codes as needed, but keep in mind that a small set of zip codes will limit delivery. These zip codes can be created in either the ‘Audiences’ tab through the custom zip code audience, or in the Line item targeting menu.

To create a list of zip codes in the Line item targeting menu, select the country from the dropdown menu and paste your zip codes into the textbox separated by a comma. To add a country to the drop-down menu, email your Account Manager.

If you are using zip codes and not achieving the desired scale, try using the ‘Expand Zip Targets’ feature. By adding additional zip codes within a tight radius you may achieve better scale and still stay in the target area. In the Targeting menu, open the zip code tab. Enter a radius in meters and select ‘Get Zips’. This will find zip codes within this radius from the center point of the zip code/s entered. A window will open showing you the list of zip codes found within this radius. Select ‘Add Zips’ to add the new zip codes to the targeting on the Line Item.