Post-Back Pixels

Otherwise known as ‘server-side’ pixels, post-back pixels are used to do cost-per-install mobile-app campaigns. They need to be integrated through a mobile attribution partner such as HasOffers or AD-X (Criteo). These pixels allow outside attribution servers to callback to the Pontiac conversion pixel and attribute conversion that stem from Pontiac.  This allows you to optimize toward app installs for mobile campaigns.

To begin the creation process of these pixels, create a conversion pixel in Pontiac. Email your Account Manager to request the server-side pixel.  Once you receive the server-side version of the pixel, you will need to set up the postbacking through your attribution server.  The attribution server will prompt you to select an origin platform for the pixel. Select ‘Appnexus’ or ‘Xandr’ and enter the pixel ID that your Account Manager provided you.