Third-Party Pixels (Trackers)

Third-Party pixels, or ‘trackers’ allow the attachment of trackers to your ads from external providers allowing you to call external servers at the time that the ad is rendered on a page. This allows Advertisers to collect data and real time stats about the ad being served.

For Video Creatives, only the URL format can be used and these are added in the Creative Upload process. For other Creative types follow these steps:

  1. To use a pixel from an external provider, enter the Advertiser menu by clicking on the name of the Advertiser that this pixel will help track, and select ‘New Third Party Pixel’. 
  2. Select the code type of the pixel. 
  3. Enter the pixel code into the content box and save it. 
  4. These pixels MUST then be associated to each Creative that you wish to track.  While uploading or editing a specific Creative, you will notice a tab for ‘Third-Party Pixels’ or ‘Trackers’. Select the third-party pixel that you desire to attach to the Creative and save the Creative.
Pixel Formats:
  • Raw-js: enter the tracker code in raw javascript
  • URL-html: enter a URL, for example- and information will be returned in html
  • URL-js: enter a URL, for example- and information will be returned in javascript
  • URL-image: enter a URL, for example- and this will return a 1×1 transparent image
Invalid Javascript Error:

If you are entering a Third-Party pixel in raw-js and receive the error ‘Valid JavaScript code required’, we recommend using this tool to validate the JavaScript in the tag: Online Javascript Validator –