Segment Pixels (Remarketing)

A segment pixel is an HTML code placed on the Advertiser’s website to collect the User ID of the individuals that visit the page where they are placed. These User IDs are collected in an audience in the platform that you can then target in remarketing campaigns. Pontiac segment pixels store user data for 90 days.

To create a segment pixel, open the Advertiser and click ‘New Segment’ on the right-hand side of the ‘Audiences’ dropdown. Give the segment a name and click save. Wait a few minutes for the pixel to generate. Your pixel will appear in your list of audiences under the Advertiser and when you click the name of the pixel you will see the following window:

Copy the ‘Pixel URL Img’ and place it on your website. It can be placed anywhere, but we recommend placing it in the header. 

For more information on the metrics displayed for Remarketing Pixels see here: Audience Metrics.