Bid Data

This is where you can control the CPM (cost per 1000 ads) of the campaign. Higher bids will help win more auctions and access higher quality inventory. Closing bids are an ‘all-in’ price and include the Pontiac 20% Software User Licensing Fee and any other relevant fees. 

  • Min Bid: This is the minimum CPM you will accept entering auctions at. This will keep the lower quality impressions from being targeted as the campaign will not try to serve to places that are below a certain CPM threshold.
  • Base Bid: This is the first bid that you enter an auction at. If the closing price comes in below the base bid, the CPM will bid the amount one cent more than the next highest bid.
  • Max Bid: This is the highest CPM you would be willing to pay for impressions on the campaign. Once an auction reaches this point, the system will stop bidding on that placement.

For general bid recommendations see here: Bid Recommendations