Geoframed Commercial Address Segments

Through our partnership with Onspot Data, Audiences can be created to target users who have been in a certain commercial building. By using one or hundreds of commercial addresses, we can target ads to users who have visited those locations at any point in time in the past year.  This Audience solution is great for users who want to target people who have visited a specific location or event.  For example, you can target users who have attended a University of Texas football game, or people who have visited any Target across the country. 

These Audiences can ONLY be used for Mobile In-App campaigns in the United States. They CANNOT be used with CTV, Web (Desktop), or Mobile-Web campaigns.

To create a commercial address Audience, enter the commercial addresses into this excel template: Commercial Address Template. If the zip-4 column does not apply, it can be left blank. Send your completed excel template as well as the lookback period you would like to use (last 30 days, last 90 days, or a specific date range in the last year) to your Account Manager.

After 3 business days, users from the defined geo locations and time frame will be made available for targeting, and will appear under ‘Onboarded Audiences’. OnSpot segments cost an additional flat CPM of $2.00. To set the bids, add $2.00 to the recommended bid ranges for the campaign’s media type.


Audience Types:
  • Regular: Regular Audience captures mobile ids seen within the geoframe(s) for the look back period.
  • Lookalike Audience: Look-a-like expands reach based on similarities in demographic, location, behavioral and temporal data. This feature expands on the concept of using demographic lookalike audiences by layering in location behavior to further refine the lookalike audience for improved performance. A baseline group in the initial audience is used to identify relevant demographic variables and incorporates similar location behavior to select targets with similar attributes.
  • Household Extension: When building a geoframe based audience a ‘Household Extension’ can also add the devices associated to the households that were seen in the geoframe. Devices such as tablets and gaming units can be added as an extension here.
  • Social Extension: Social audiences are people that are not family members who spend time together on a regular basis – friends and co-workers with frequent, meaningful interaction. The base audience is used to find other devices that frequently associate with a member in the base audience. These associations do not include devices that are part of the household extension. ‘Social Extension’ audience combines location, temporal and frequency as primary indicators to build the associations for determining the device linkages.
    Example: Both Madison and Kaitlyn’s mobile ad id’s are observed frequently together at the same playgrounds, restaurants, bars, and malls at the same times on the same days. We determine that they have a social connection based on frequently being seen together. Using frequency and location overlap we would consider these Mobile Ad Id’s as socially linked and would be included in the ‘Social Extensions’.