Political Advertising

Pontiac Intelligence permits political advertising (advertising relating to elections, ballot initiatives, or political candidates) in the United States, but requires that such advertising comply with applicable law. We also require that you certify certain information about the ads and the political organization that purchased them for certain political advertising on the state or local level, as legally required.

You are not required to certify political advertising serving outside the United States, but you must still adhere to our general policies and comply with all applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements in the jurisdiction where you are advertising.

Unless specifically authorized by Pontiac Intelligence, buyers are prohibited from serving ads related to any federal elections in Canada.

All necessary information must be entered directly into the Pontiac platform.  The platform will guide you through a series of questions.  The below exemplifies the nature of the information that must be provided, but is subject to change.  Failure to supply all applicable information into the platform could prevent your ads from serving.


  1. Are you in any way running ads related to an election, ballot initiative, or political candidate in the United States?  If yes, please complete a and b below.
    •  I certify that all such advertising has been paid for, or will be paid for, with funds from financial institutions in the same country and currency where the election, ballot initiative, or campaign for political candidate is being held.
      1. Yes:_____.     NO:_____ 
    • I am unaware of any portion of the payment being provided by foreign nationals or foreign principals organized under the laws of a foreign country or having their principal place of business in a foreign country.
      1. I am unaware:_______     I can Confirm:________
  2. Does your Creative include a disclaimer stating who paid for the advertisement and whether it was authorized by the relevant candidate or paid for by an independent expenditure committee?  
    • Yes:_____   If Yes is checked, continue to question 3.
    • No: _____   , If No is checked, stop here. All Creatives of political nature require this disclaimer, so please go back and adjust the Creatives to clearly include this disclaimer
  3. Is your campaign running at the Local/State or Federal Level?
    • State/Local _____: If checked, continue to question 4.
    • Federal_____: If only Federal politics are involved, please move to question 5.
    • Both_____:      If Both are involved, move to Question 4.
  4. Is your State/Local campaign running in California, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Jersey, Virginia, or Washington?  If Yes, please Fill out Sections a-g below in full.  If No, and you are running at the State/Local level OUTSIDE of one of these states, please complete a-g below with as much information as applicable.  If the information cannot be completed fill out the field with N/A.
    1. US FEC ID:
    2. Organization Name:
    3. Address (Address/City/State/Zip):
    4. Phone Number:
    5. Treasurer Name:
    6. Subject of the Ad:
    7. Method of Payment:
  5. If your campaign is running at the Federal Level, provide your ID number issued by Federal Elections Committee.
    • US FEC ID:
  6. Is your campaign being paid for by an Independent Expenditure Committee, as defined as follows: a political committee that makes only independent expenditures; that is, it spends money on political communications that expressly advocate the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate and does not coordinate with a candidate, a candidate’s authorized committee, or an agent of the candidate?
    • Yes:_____  If yes is checked, AND the campaign being run in New Jersey, or New York State, please attach the separate State Registration Form to the email along with this completed document.
    • No:_____