How to Troubleshoot a New Line with No Delivery

If you have set a Line Item live, but it has not delivered any impressions, review the following recommendations to troubleshoot.

  1. If you have just set the campaign live, remember that there is a 3-hour delay in the Pontiac platform for most metrics.
    If you have just launched the campaign and need to know if it has begun serving, you can open the Line Item to see Real Time Delivery below the Line Item Flight Metrics. This is the only Real Time information about your campaign. See more information on Real Time Delivery here: Real Time Delivery. For more information on the reporting delay see here: Reporting Lag.
  2. Is your account disabled for low funding?
    If you see a yellow triangle next to the ‘Amin’ tab, your account may be low on funds. Open the ‘Admin’ tab and check your current balance. The platform pauses the campaigns on the account and restricts access to certain features until either a budget is added that is more than the daily spend or the daily spend is lowered so it is less than the budget in your account. To reactivate your account, either increase your budget or adjust the Lines to spend less.
  3. Are the active boxes checked for both the Advertiser and the Line item?
    If you do not see the Advertiser that you are looking for, try toggling the ‘Active’ dropdown to display Advertisers that are inactive. If the Advertiser appears when you switch to view ‘Inactive’ click on the Advertiser’s name and open the Advertiser menu. Select ‘Edit’, check the ‘Active’ box and ‘Save’. In the ‘Advertiser’ tab next to the name of the specific Advertiser you should see a green box with a check mark, this indicates that the Advertiser is active. If you see a red box, the Advertiser is ‘inactive’.
    Then check the Line Item, where you should see a green check box next to the ID number for the Line to indicate that the Line Item is ‘active’. If you see a red box, the Line Item is ‘inactive’. Click on the Line Item’s name to open the Line Item menu and select ‘Edit’. Check the ‘Active’ box then select ‘Submit Changes’.
  4. Are the Line Item Flight Dates set correctly?
    In the Advertiser tab, expand the Advertiser by clicking the arrow at the left most part of the screen, allowing you to view the Line Items under the Advertiser. You will see a ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ for the campaign. Verify that these dates correspond with the dates in which the campaign should be running. If these dates are incorrect or you would like to extend the end date, click the name of the Line Item to open the Line Item Settings. Select the ‘Edit’ button and change the start date or end date by clicking the calendar icon and then selecting the desired date. If the start date has already passed, you will not be able to change it. However, you can de-activate the Line Item until the date that you would like the Line to begin serving again.
  5. Have the associated Creatives passed the Creative Audit?
    Select the Advertiser or Line Item to open the associated menu and expand the ‘Creatives’ section. Next to the name and ID of each Creative you will see two symbols. The left-most symbol indicates the ‘active’ or ‘inactive’ status of the Creative. If this symbol is a red box, under the Advertiser menu, click on the Creative name to open the window to edit the Creative. Check the ‘Active’ box and ‘Save’. The second symbol under ‘Audit Status’, will display the results of the Creative Audit process. This process takes up to 24 hours, so if you have just uploaded your Creatives you will see a yellow triangle indicating ‘audit pending’. The Line will not be able to serve until at least one of the associated Creatives is approved. Upon approval the symbol will change to a green check box. If the Creative is marked as sensitive you will see a green triangle and rejected Creatives will have a red box. For more information on the Creative Audit process see here: Creative Audit.
  6. If the Creative Type is ‘Banner’ are you using common banner sizes?
    Using multiple Creative sizes on a Line Item can increase access to inventory. We recommend using several of the most common banner sizes for the inventory type. You can find a list of the most common sizes in our Banner specs here: Banner Specs
  7. Do all Audience segments associated have loads in them?
    If you are targeting a Remarketing Audience or Third-Party Audience segments, it is important to ensure that this Audience has active users. If there are no active users, the campaign cannot serve. To check the loads for a Remarketing segment open the Advertiser menu and expand the Audience section to view the Audience metrics. You should see ‘Total Loads’, ‘Avg Daily Uniques’, and ‘Avg Monthly Uniques’. If your Remarketing segment is showing 0 ‘Loads’, there may be an issue with the pixel placement. Email your Account Manager to check your pixel placement.
    If these are Third-Party segments, they will not show loads in the platform. Email your Account Manager to check the metrics for these Audiences. If the Audience does not contain an adequate number of users or the segment is expired, your Account Manager can recommend similar Audiences with a larger user pool.
  8. If you are targeting multiple Audiences, does the Boolean Logic make sense?
    If you are using several Audience segments, open the Line Item menu and look at the green box/boxes that contain the Audiences you are targeting. If there is an ‘And’ between the segments or groups of segments, this is restricting delivery to ONLY serve to individuals who belong to ALL of these segments or groups of segments. You can edit the logic by editing the Line and selecting ‘Associate Segments’. This will open the Audiences window where you can modify targeting to ‘Any’ or ‘All’ between segment groups. For more information see here: Boolean Logic.
  9. Are the geo restrictions too tight or conflicting?
    First, ensure that none of your geo parameters are conflicting, for example, if the Country you selected is ‘Mexico’, but the Lat Long Audience that you are targeting contains coordinates in the United States. If any of your geo parameters are conflicting your campaign cannot serve. If the geographic area that you are targeting is too small, delivery of your campaign could also be restricted. If you are using zip codes, try using the ‘Expand Zip Targets’ feature. By adding additional zip codes within a tight radius you may achieve better scale and still stay in the target area. In the Targeting menu, open the zip code tab. Enter a radius in meters and select ‘Get Zips’. This will find zip codes within this radius from the center point of the zip code/s entered. A window will open showing you the list of zip codes found within this radius. Select ‘Add Zips’ to add the new zip codes to the targeting on the Line Item. If you are using a Lat Long Audience try expanding the Radius from 150m to 2251m. This should expand the potential Audience size and increase delivery.
  10. Are the bids set too low?
    Higher bids will help win more impressions and will also improve the quality of the inventory. If you are utilizing targeting tools this will decrease your potential audience size. If you are targeting an Onboarded Audience or a Third-Party Audience with an additional cost, we recommend that you add the associated price of the most expensive segment to your base and max bids to ensure that you can win impressions. The closing CPM will include the cost of the Audience data, so if your base bid is $2.43 and you’re targeting an Audience with a cost of $2.00, you would really be bidding $0.43 for the media. See our general bid recommendations here: Bid Recommendations.
  11. If you are using a site list or app list, are there accessible ad slots available?
    It is possible that the sites or apps that you are targeting do not have ads on them, have limited traffic, the ad slots are not available through the open exchange or the available ad sizes differ from the sizes you are using. The only way to know for sure if you can access these sites or apps is by testing it. You can try incremental increases in the bids to see at what CPM these sites might clear or expanding your site list with similar sites.  If you are not achieving the desired scale, but would like to target contextually a custom contextual segment could be a good alternative. Read more on this option here: Custom Contextual Targeting
  12. It is important to strike a balance between targeting and scale. If you are utilizing multiple targeting parameters on the same Line (Geo targets, Audience data, Site/App lists etc.) you may be ‘over-targeting’ and restricting the Line from serving. Try removing or expanding one or more of the targeting parameters to see if the Line begins to serve.