Why White Label?

Our Partnership Programs are perfect for Publishers looking to capture revenue from direct clients who do not meet their monthly minimums, and for Agencies who want to onboard and efficiently manage a multitude of clients.  Our fully comprehensive and unique platform offers clients a user  friendly, customizable platform, with access to Display, Native, Video, Audio, and CTV inventory.

Advantages of leveraging these solutions are as follows:

  • Your Clients can securely enter and pay via their own credit card
  • You can set and manage your margins at the individual Client level
  • You can view metrics for all Advertisers under your Master Seat, as well as detailed reporting for each Client
  • There are no minimum spend requirements
  • Your logo and branding will be incorporated into the platform (co-branded only)

Publishers: Create efficiencies by providing advertisers a self-service solution to programmatically purchase your inventory.  These advertisers can be limited to serve only on your inventory sources, at prices set by you, making it extremely easy to allow companies of all sizes and budgets to purchase media on your pages.

Agencies: Easily set up and manage multiple clients and advertisers.  Grant access to clients to the platform on a read only, or full user access if they like to be more hands on (or not at all if you prefer).  You can add and manage margins at the sub seat level, which is encompassed in all reporting, allowing you to send reports directly to your clients without manual intervention.