Creative Bulk Upload

If you frequently upload a large quantity of Banners at one time under a single advertiser, email your Account Manager to request access to this feature. All Creatives uploaded through this feature must be uploaded to the same Advertiser. This feature cannot be used to upload Creatives to multiple Advertisers. This feature can only be used for Banner creatives at this time.

Once access is granted a button will appear at the Advertiser level next to ‘New Creative’ that says, ‘Creative Bulk Upload’. You will then need to create and upload a CSV file with the details for each Creative. If the Creative type is a tag, the tag will be entered into the CSV. If the Creative type is an image you will also need to create and upload a zip folder that contains these images.

The following are the steps to create the CSV:

  1. Create a new Excel file that will be later saved as a CSV file (with extension .csv). This can also be accomplished in a text editor.
  2. Insert the following Headers/Columns
    • Creative Name: The Creative in the Pontiac platform.
    • Data: This can denote the location of the Creative in the zip file if the Creative type is “image”. If the Creative type is “thirdParty”, this is where the third-party tag goes in. Example below (2).
    • Size: Creative size, e.g: 300×250, 300×600, 320×50, etc
    • Click URL: Landing page for the Creative
    • Creative Type: Can take values “thirdParty” or “image”.
    • Line Ids: ID(s) of the lines you would like this Creative attached to after being bulk uploaded.
    • Third Party Creative Sub-Type: Optional field for Creative type thirdParty. Can take values “iFrame” or “rawHTML”. This can be omitted if the Creative type is not “thirdParty”.
  3. Example of what the Excel row/record should look like (note the last character is comma(,) without specifying the third-party Creative sub-type):

pontiacCreativeName1,BRAND-logo1.jpg,300×250,,image,6004 6005,

pontiacCreativeName2,<ins class=’dcmads’ style=’display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px’ data-dcm-placement=’N6563.157895.INVESTINGCHANNEL/B9315081.133810598′ data-dcm-rendering-mode=’iframe’ data-dcm-https-only data-dcm-click-tracker=${CLICK_URL}> <script src=’’></script></ins>,728×90,,thirdParty,6004,

    • Note the second row above is a thirdParty Creative type and is only being associated to one line (6004). If you don’t need the Creatives associated to a line you can omit the line id and only put a comma (,).

  1. Click File -> Save -> Select CSV (Comma-Separated Values) -> name it CreativeBulkMap.csv
  2. Upload this CSV file to Pontiac, along with the zip archive containing the Creatives if they are images.

Download an example CSV file here:  Bulk upload sample CSV