Editing a Creative

To edit a Creative once it has been submitted and audited, go to the Advertiser tab and click on the name of the Advertiser where the Creative is located to open the Advertiser menu. Select the Creative’s name under the ‘Creatives’ menu. You cannot edit a Creative at the Line Item level, you must be at the Advertiser level.  

If you do not see the Creative that you are looking for in the Advertiser menu, try switching the ‘Filter Status’ to ‘Inactive’. If the Creative appears under ‘Inactive’ and you would like to re-activate it, click on the Creative name to open the Creative Settings and check the ‘Active’ box. If the Creative is expired, see this section: Creative Expiration.

The type of Creative cannot be edited at any time. You can only change the ‘Name’ and the ‘Active’ status of a Creative without sending the Creative to audit and paying additional fees. Changing the size, Click URL or image file and clicking ‘Save’ will resubmit the Creative to audit and you will be charged the $2 Creative Audit Fee. 

Selecting ‘Reaudit Creative’ will send the Creative to re-audit without the changes you have made. You must select ‘Save’, and this will automatically send the updated Creative to audit.