Creative Re-Audit

To re-audit a Creative open the Advertiser and select the Creative’s name under the ‘Creatives’ menu. You cannot re-audit a Creative at the line item level, but rather you must be at the Advertiser level.  

Selecting the ‘Reaudit Creative’ button at the bottom of the ‘Creative’ window will send the Creative to re-audit and you will be charged the $2 Creative Audit Fee. This should only be used if there have been no changes made to the Creative or the Click URL. For example, if your Creative was flagged because the landing page does not have a Privacy Policy, in this case you need to make changes to the landing page and not to the Creative, then select ‘Reaudit Creative’. 

Selecting ‘Reaudit Creative’ will not save any changes you have made to the Creative and the Creative will be re-audited as it was prior to any changes. If you would like to make changes to the Creative or the Click URL you must then select ‘Save’, which will automatically send the updated Creative to audit.