Google Analytics & Other Third-Party Discrepancies

It is common to see discrepancies when comparing Pontiac metrics to Google Analytics or other third-party providers. This could occur for any of the following reasons:

Impression & Click Discrepancies:

  • Post View Activity: Google Analytics does not report any POST VIEW activity. Everything in Google Analytics is click based traffic. 
  • UTC: All Pontiac metrics are displayed in UTC. If you do not pull reporting from third-party sources in UTC, the metrics will differ. 

Pixel Load Discrepancies:

  • Firefox and Safari: pixels no longer work (they disallowed third-party pixels).  
  • Bounce Rate: pixels take a second to load and will not fire for people who bounce. The higher the bounce rate the bigger the discrepancy will be. To fix this, place the pixel in the header and use the domain

Improving Bounce Rate

These are the recommended steps to decrease bounce rate and improve the quality of traffic: 

  1. Focus on Desktop traffic. Mobile In-App and Mobile Web tend to have higher bounce rates.
  2. Try targeting only the Google AdExchange.
  3. Add creative macros to your UTM source to run a report in Google Analytics and determine which sources of inventory have had the highest bounce rate. This will help to determine which exchanges are providing highest quality inventory, and which are contributing most to the bounce rate.
    First, add this to your URL: UTM_Medium=${SELLER_MEMBER_ID}The Click URL should look like:${SELLER_MEMBER_ID} Then you can run a report by Medium in Google Analytics to view bounce rate by Exchange, and remove the exchanges that are contributing most to the bounce rate. You will also need to use the mapping provided in Pontiac to know which SELLER_MEMBER_ID correlates with the Pontiac Exchange ID. See the Seller Id Mapping here: Pontiac_Seller_ID_Mapping
    For additional information on UTM Code implementation see here: UTM Code Implementation