Geo Region Reporting

This section can be shown as a map or as a graph. The map is only available for campaigns served in the United States and the Region will be by state. For campaigns in other countries, the graph will display regions as a numerical value. This numerical value is the Appnexus code for the region. To find the name of the Region that corresponds to this number, download this Region Mapping Sheet. Search for the Country that you are serving in and find the APNX_CODE number in the second column. The corresponding Region name is in the third column.

For example, if you are serving in Afghanistan and you see Region 3 in the Pontiac Reporting, this is reporting the metrics for ads served in Baghlan, Afghanistan.

The graph will compare impressions by region vs a second metric of your choice – Total Clicks, Total Pc Conversions, Total Pv Conversions or Total Spend. Below the graph, all of the data is available in a table that can be downloaded as a CSV file by clicking the black down arrow next to the search bar.